Toned In Ten Reviews – Is Erin Nielsen’s Fitness Program Legit?

toned in ten reviews

Are you frustrated because you look old and struggle to shed belly fat? Do you spend hours at the gym trying to tone your body but see little results? If you’ve tried every diet and supplement on the market without success, then it’s time you tried the Toned In Ten program. It’s a simple plan for a busy person who has no time for long workouts. The good thing about the program is that you can do it from the comfort of your home in just ten minutes. Some reviews don’t tell the truth but, I’ll show you how you can defy aging and tone your body with minimal fuss.

What Is Toned In Ten?

The basis of this program is that you just need ten minutes a day to start losing weight and simultaneously reverse the symptoms of aging. The author goes on to state that you don’t need long, boring cardio sessions because they don’t usually work and might actually harm your body. In fact, science and new studies by various fitness gurus support the idea that extended cardio exercises are not as effective as brief, high-intensity exercises. The good thing is that this blueprint is equally suited to men and women. In this review, we shall look at how the plan works as well as the benefits you can enjoy.

About The Author

Erin Nielsen is the person behind the program and she’s a qualified physical therapist and anti-aging expert. And she definitely knows her stuff judging from her youthful look in spite of her

About Erin Nielsen

She has a policy of exercising for just 50 minutes a week and alleges that this amount of time is enough to maintain her fitness and body shape. Also, she says that this fitness regime keeps her skin looking better. Apart from toning her body, the program also helps her lose weight. And there are scientific references in her marketing tools to support her claim.

From the language used by Nielsen, she’s certainly an expert in her field and it makes a lot of sense to trust her. In her presentation, she uses terms such as the “after-burn effect”, which is officially known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). It’s a well-known effect and the basis of the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) upon which this program is founded. Short but intense workouts have the desirable side-effect of raising the metabolic rate for an extended time after working out, which helps to burn body fat even while resting.

The same cannot be said of boring cardio exercises, which just don’t trigger a similar effect. The result is that you’ll just end up wasting your time with a little and fleeting burning of calories. The advantages of EPOC and HIIT to help you burn fat and reshape your Body Mass Index (BMI) are widely reported. For instance, HIIT is said to be more effective at reducing abdominal and subcutaneous fat than any other type of exercise. This type of exercise is also said to lower insulin resistance, which is a primary reason why many people have trouble digesting carbohydrates and absorbing nutrients, leading to an increase in weight

How Does It Work?

The Toned In Ten program involves ten minutes a day of high-intensity exercises. You won’t see results except through sweating, huffing, and puffing. Nielsen is promoting the idea of smart exercising and she shares her secret moves with everyone who joins the program. Nielsen recommends smart exercises because they don’t put a lot of strain on your joints unlike jogging or weight lifting. So there’s no need to jog or lift weights if you want to cushion your body. Throughout her career, the author has seen far too many injuries arising from such movements.

Another vital element of the plan is the way it naturally addresses Human Growth Hormone deficiency in your body. Conventional, long exercises don’t place as much demand on your body as to effect such a crucial hormone that assists your body shed fat even quicker. The author also mentions studies that show the importance of HGH in your body, which includes growth itself, building muscles, and controlling our metabolic function, including increased fat metabolism. The beauty of this program is that during your regular 10-minute workouts, your body is forced to use fat stores for energy and this is based on scientific fact.

Short but intense workouts using your body weight alone may be useful because they help you save time but they also have the clear-cut purpose of initiating faster burning of body fat compared to lengthy, slow-paced cardio. You also have to consider the fact that cardio machines at your gym definitely don’t stimulate real movements like running or cycling. While the treadmill does the movement for you, you don’t encounter environmental challenges such as when you run or cycle outdoors. When out jogging, you can change the resistance by deciding to climb a hill. But in a gym, you don’t see a hill ahead of you, and the challenge won’t be the same and you end up shedding less fat.

What People Are Doing Wrong

When Nielsen styles herself as an anti-aging expert, you better believe her because she has seen it all. There are many athletes who work out for extended periods or they train too hard, and the result is that their bodies start to disintegrate. You’ll see such athletes having aged looks and their bodies look worn out. Also, there are sure signs of such self-imposed abuse like inflammations, tendinitis, and joint problems among others. Another disadvantage of exercising for too long is that the quality of your workouts gradually decreases and it’s also unsustainable.

How Long To Get Toned

In the Savannah, you won’t see an antelope running for hours to stay in shape so as to stand a chance of escaping from its predators. All the antelope has to do is to print if or when required, and yet you’ll never see a fat one. So if such an animal keeps fit through short sprints every now and then, who are we to think otherwise? It’s better to work out harder, not longer. This way, you burn more calories in less time. And studies have shown that such a training routine significantly reduces abdominal, core, and natural fat.

The Shocking Truth

A shocking article in the New York Times revealed that most people who start an exercise program end up heavier subsequently than when they started. And this gain in weight isn’t from muscle but it the extra fat. The Arizona State University conducted an experiment involving 81 obese women who performed slow cardio exercises three times a week for half an hour each. After just 3 months, nearly 70% of these women had become fatter, and they also increased fat in their body by an average of 10 pounds from doing such a cardio program.

There are many reasons to avoid long and tedious cardio routines but we shall look at the 5 primary ones.

  • It slows down hormones in your body
  • You are more hungry after exercsing
  • You move less have a long exercise
  • The body isn’t designed to endure extended, tedious cardio
  • Its harder to get yourself to do a long workout

The first reason is that it slows down the hormones in your body that are responsible for burning fat. Also, you get hungry and end up consuming more food after the exercise. After a long exercise, you tend to move less since you feel like you’ve done plenty for the time being. You dread and hate long, boring cardio, which means you inadvertently ease up the pace by watching TV or reading magazines while working out.

According to a recent journal article, cardio causes enormous oxidative damage in your body. It also releases a host of free radicals, which are a leading cause of many of the health problems that we experience. Apart from attacking the DNA and potentially causing cancer, free radicals also attack proteins such as lipids and collagen, which is the structural layer of the skin. When this happens, you’ll start to see wrinkles, lack of moisture, and dull skin very early in life. In fact, free radicals are responsible for 80% of total skin aging and it’s not because of old age. Even though all exercise routines cause some kind of oxidative harm, nothing exacerbates this faster like exercising for extended periods through long, tedious cardio. So if you want to look younger for longer, avoid long, boring cardio at all costs.

How Toned In Ten Reviews Can Help

toned in ten before and after

Let’s look at what works. You’re just about to unearth a wiser approach to losing fat and achieving a younger, fitter, more toned, and stronger body. If I told you that you could attain your desired body shape by spending just 50 minutes a week rather than 300 minutes a week, would you take up the offer? Of course, you would, and apart from saving time, you can enjoy even more benefits when you subscribe to the program we recommend in this review. Here’s a look at the things you will avoid if you decide to subscribe to this amazing exercise program.

Every day, you wake up with the good intentions of working out but then you feel stressed and tired and so you decide to skip your program. Later on that day, you start noticing that your skin is developing new wrinkles, and it looks more dimpled and makes you feel embarrassed of yourself. But what really takes the biscuit is when you give up trying to button up the pair of jeans that you once wore comfortably. And that’s yet another pair of jeans that you consign to a growing pile of clothes that you can no longer wear.

Early next morning, you wake up determined to right all the wrong you have done to your body, but you just can’t seem to find the time or energy. Meanwhile, you still can’t find a pair of jeans that can fit you, and you’re late for work because you spent hours trying on different outfits. To compound your misery, you start having feelings of guilt because you’re unable to change your situation. You feel ashamed walking in public because your belly is continuing to bulge. You’re unable to wear stylish clothes because they no longer fit you. You’re now feeling and looking older with each passing day, and your sex life is now a thing of the past.

But there’s good news for you if you’re sick and tired of being overweight. Erin Nielsen has been in your shoes and she has experimented with many diet and exercise programs. Initially, she used to do two to three hours of cardiovascular exercises daily to stay trim. She included plenty of low-fat foods in her diet, and most of these foods were processed. She ended up feeling tired and hungry all the time but the worst bit was that her body was not changing.

Doing cardio exercises for hours, eating tasteless foods, and counting calories aren’t fun, especially when you can’t see any change in your body. It’s very frustrating and you may find yourself looking at countless programs on the market hoping to stumble on the one that works for you. You end up wasting time and money on useless products, including trying the latest fad diet without success. At this point, many people will start feeling hopeless and would consider giving up. But Erin’s life changed the moment she heard on a podcast show how sprinters are able to maintain toned muscles and soft, smooth skin.

toned in ten program

Join the Program

After immersing herself in research, she discovered the workout routines that sprinters use to maintain fitness and look tone with smooth skin. She thereafter decided to incorporate what she learned into a program that she now promotes as the Toned In Ten program. Things began changing for her, and people started noticing a difference in her body and her skin too. Within no time, she was exercising for just ten minutes daily, and the results were instant. Thanks to her innovative program, she now has a flatter stomach, leaner legs, and a tighter butt. And you too can achieve all of this if you join the program she recommends in here.

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